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We know some of you love all the detail about how it works:

Why do you only offer home delivered fruit and vegetables? Where’s your shop?

We home deliver because it's easy and convenient for our customers, and even better, delivery is free to many suburbs across Adelaide. You can use our postcode finder to see if we deliver in your area. We also know that fresh fruit and vegetables that have been delivered by the farmer to us then packed in boxes and delivered to you the same day, or next day, are far fresher than daggy, old produce sitting around shop shelves, at the wrong temperature, for days.

What is a mixed box? Why is that what you offer?

We only offer mixed boxes because our philosophy is that this is the best way to introduce people to the pleasures of eating high quality, seasonal, organic food. The mixed box system ensures you receive the freshest fruit and vegetables our growers and suppliers are providing that week. The fruit and vegetables change every week, and quite noticeably throughout the seasons of the year. Lots of our customers tell us they love receiving their ‘mystery box’ of fruit and vegetables and really enjoy the variety of fruit and vegetables.

Can I choose what goes into my box?

We can certainly exclude certain items from your box if, for example, you're allergic to certain produce, or you simply don't like it. If we were planning to include that item in your box, we'll swap it and you'll receive another item of similar value. You can simply let us know when you order if there's something you'd always like us to exclude from your box.

It's a little harder for us to give you the option to include certain items, because due to the seasons and weekly growing conditions, sometimes we will ask our farmers for a particular fruit or vegetable and they are simply unable to supply them that week, or they can arrive to us in a damaged condition, in which case we are unwilling to provide them to you.

How heavy is the box? What are the quantities of each type of fruit and vegetable?

We don’t work to a set weight with the boxes. It would be quite easy to put together a heavy box that was not all that interesting (e.g. all potatoes, carrots, cabbage and onions, with no spring onions, apricots, strawberries or lettuce), but we prefer to put together an exciting range of seasonal produce, with lots of thought about what you can cook with the selection of vegetables included. We also can’t really tell you how many of each item you can expect, as for example, sometimes the apples are large, and we may pack four, and sometimes they’re tiny so we pack six, it just depends. Each box is packed by hand and scrutinized to ensure it offers a good selection, and a fair quantity.

Why organic?

Organic fruit and vegetables are grown without harmful chemicals, and so are better for you and your family. Organic food is by definition seasonal, and is grown the way it should be. Even better, it tastes great!

We go direct to wholesale supplies and local famers, meaning better value for your shopping dollars and less reliance on bland tasteless supermarket fruit and vegetables that may have been in cold storage for months. Whenever possible we support local farmers and producers and we will always tell you where your produce was grown.

Organic food results in less food miles, a lower carbon footprint and is great for the environment – what’s not to love about that.

How do I know it’s really organic?

We are very proud to have achieved our registration as a NASAA certified organic trader. Our registration number is 5462R. As a NASAA certified trader we're required to operate under very strict standards regarding our handling, packaging, storage, identification and labelling of organic produce to guarantee our customers receive genuine, certified organic produce. We take this registration extremely seriously, and will only deal with appropriately certified farmers, suppliers and wholesalers.

How do I place an order?

You can order online. Each delivery area has a day of the week by which orders must be placed to ensure the next available delivery. Enter your postcode in the postcode finder to find out which day we deliver to your area and when you need to place your order. You don't need to pay when you place your order, one of our friendly team will contact you by phone for your credit card details.

Do I have to have an order every week?

No! You can place an order as a one-off, or as frequently or infrequently as suits you and your family. If you find ordering a mixed box suits your lifestyle, you can place a regular weekly or fortnightly order. The benefits of this are that you never miss out on a box, you don't need to remember to place your order each week, and of course this provides more stability and security to our famers as well. If you're going away on holiday you simply need to let us know the week before that you don't need your delivery, and we'll suspend your delivery. If you want to cancel a regular order, you also need to let us know the week before to cancel the order the next week.

Can I just ring or text to place my order?

Of course! We’re always happy to hear from you, so if you’re a first time customer, and you don’t want to use our online ordering system, please ring us on 0435 900 530. Once you have placed one order with us, future orders can be made online, by phone, by text or by email.

When do you deliver to my area? Why don’t I get to choose my delivery day?

You can check our postcode finder to find out what day we deliver to your area. We group our deliveries by suburbs as we find this is the most fuel-efficient and therefore environmentally friendly way to get lots of yummy vegetables to families across various suburbs. We have also carefully chosen the days we can access the best produce, as this can be variable throughout the week.

What if I’m not home?

You don’t have to be home for us to deliver your box. In general, if at all possible, we will put it out of sight from the street, and undercover (from both rain and afternoon sun). We often leave boxes around under the back verandah or pergola. If your place is a bit tricky to find or you want us to put the box somewhere specific, simply let us know in your delivery instructions. We can also take your front gate keys and/or entry codes if that’s the best way to get access to your property. We are happy to deliver at a certain time for your first delivery (if at all possible) to give you a chance to meet us, before you trust us with your key and/or code. Please ring us if you’d like to discuss your delivery instructions.

How can I keep my produce from spoiling on hot days?

Adelaide can have a long hot summer, with a few unpredictably hot days in November and March as well. When the weather warms up we recommend you leave an esky, with some ice packs, where your produce is normally delivered. We will happily re-pack your order into the esky keeping it cool and fresh until you get home.

How do I pay?

You nominate your payment preference when you place your order. You can opt for us to ring you for your credit card details (we find this is the most secure way of you providing your credit card number), or if you've ordered from us before, ask us to use your credit card number from your file. You can also pay with good old-fashioned cash. If you're not going to be home, you can leave it out and let us know where you've hidden it.

What do I do with my box after you have delivered?

We pack our yummy fruit and vegetables in re-usable boxes to reduce waste and the environmental impact of excess packaging. If your cardboard box is still in good condition, please leave it out for us to re-use next week, or if it’s a little worse for wear, please recycle it in your fortnightly council recycle bin. It’s a simple step to save our planet.

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